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Nana's Corner

Here you'll find the latest information and stories from Nana as she raises her granddaughter in this rapidly changing world. Check out:



Perhaps the most difficult part of being a parent is all of the conflicting information out there about how to parent and what makes an effective parent. Here is the latest news and information for parents as well as blog entries from our Editor.

School @home - Activities to Improve Education

Whether your child learns at public, private, or home school, there's always a need for internet research and information searches. Here are some great resources besides search engines, that are great for kids.



Frugal Living and Finances

Keeping a frugal household can sometimes be tough, but here are some of our ideas and strategies to help:



Keeping the family safe is just as important throughout the year as it is around the holidays. We have some great resources for parents and caregivers: